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7 Tips to Write Interesting Articles for Boring Industries [Infographic]

Well, most of you might think the premise of this article is wrong. I can hear most of you muttering in disagreement: “You might not find an industry interesting, but someone else might.” I agree with you. It indeed is difficult to define “boredom” with any degree of certainty. There is nothing called a boring industry, and hence there are no boring article topics. A company that runs a battery…

Exclusive Tips For Freelance Content Writers

Will I or will I not? Yamuna asked herself sitting before her desk. A freelance content writer, she is trying to write an article for a small business firm and wondering whether she will be able to write a fairly decent piece. So will she be able to finish her work on time? Will she succeed? Type in “tips for content writing” in Google or Yahoo and hundreds of sites…

The Nemesis of a Work-From-Home Web Content Writer

Amrita Roy is one of our senior writers and here goes her experience as a work from home writer In a society obsessed with engineers and doctors, the term web content writer does not ring a bell. It raises inquisitive eyebrows from friends and family. On top of that, a home-based web content writer is easily dismissed as a hopeless case of an over educated house wife whiling away time…

Why Hire A Professional Website Content Writing Company

By Coffeegraphy
“My mother sat under the mat”. Notice anything different or weird about the sentence? If not, it is high time you utilize the services of a professional web content writing firm to write, edit and spell check your online content. And even if you have figured out what is weird about the sentence, remember, the services of a professional website content writing firm will give you flexibility and more important – time – to focus your attention on other aspects of your business.

Re-discovering Writing through Web Content Writing

By Coffeegraphy

What put you on the path of content writing? For many of us, good school grades in the English Language spoke eloquently of a reigning love for the language. Consequently, the niche in which this love would flow ceaselessly seemed to be content writing. Oh, to be young and naive again. The mode of writing, albeit in the same language, is completely different in the web content writing domain. The style, purpose and intent all undergo a metamorphosis to be viable as content to be posted in virtual space. The following is a bunch of tips that you can use to make writing web content a whole lot easier.

6 Tips to Succeed in A Content Writing Career

Writing for a content writing company can be a hectic job. You will be asked to write content for a multitude of topics. You will have to work your way through a lot of writing styles. A content writing company is on the lookout for people who can write easily about any topic they want written. It is important to make the articles optimized to grab maximum attention from the search engines. It is significant that the social media notices your writing. If you are not being able to flash your work in the social media sphere, you might just be considered as an unsuccessful writer. This is a danger zone you want to avoid if you want a happy career in content writing.

9 Dangers To Look Out For While Hiring A Web Content Writing Company

By Coffeegraphy

Times such as these, to get business it is important to increase your website’s search engine status. Managing the business itself is a handful, and that is why hiring a web content writing service is the right thing to do to keep the business track moving. But it will not do if you hire any firm to lands in your way with out of this world promises which are difficult to believe. You would need someone who can actually deliver what you want at the right time while maintaining high quality content. There are these 9 dangers you might fall prey to while you are on the lookout for a right content writing company.

Web Content Writing-the Challenges that Await You in the Career

Web content writing is emerging as the newest career option for the literately inclined. It is a serious career option which can make you successful like any other job. The online world is become stronger than ever with all major transactions including banking and shopping happening online. Writing for the web is also becoming an inevitable job service which can offer a fabulous career if you have a flair for…

Web Content Writing Tips: How to Get the Seductive Hook?

While writing web content, you need to make sure that you keep the readers interested, or else they’ll just hit on the ‘close tab’ option. As simple as that. For every product or service you offer, you have to put it out there and give your best towards it. Web content writing is pretty tricky. Since it is based on facts and not relationships or advice it is difficult to…