Web Content Writing Tips: How to Get the Seductive Hook?

content writing tips, website content writing, web content writer While writing web content, you need to make sure that you keep the readers interested, or else they’ll just hit on the ‘close tab’ option. As simple as that. For every product or service you offer, you have to put it out there and give your best towards it. Web content writing is pretty tricky. Since it is based on facts and not relationships or advice it is difficult to attract readers. The only way you can do so is by being hardcore with your content. So what is it that you need to seduce your readers/customers? Let’s find out.

Grab attention with a great introduction

Start the content with a catchy introduction to the product, service or the how-to article you are going to write about. This would make the readers who were just browsing through pages sit up and read your entire post. A great start is always the best way to grab your reader’s attention.

Be relatable

If you want to sell something or promote a certain thing, you will have to be relatable to your readers. People only want to read what they like and it is impossible to please a young audience if you write a post that is relatable to senior citizens. So you need to seem a little more approachable through the post and make your readers feel comfortable. You need to brainstorm a little, but after a while you will find your way through. So try and use simple language and not be very technical while writing. Focus on trying to make your readers feel comfortable.

Know your audience

You need to know your audience before you start writing your web content. It helps to know what they want. Web content writing isn’t like updating your blog. Nobody cares about what you think, what you’ve done or you want to do. It is all about writing for your audience and keeping them happy and interested throughout the entire post. Write about what your customer needs rather than bragging about the product. Nobody likes people who brag or products that are bragged about they would rather would want to read about what the product or service has to offer them. Writing web content is like lighting a fire, once you light it you have to keep it going by adding more fuel. Focus on the age group or the type of audience you want to attract. Could be people from a certain field or young college students. Your article should depend on what they really want.

Do not be conventional

You don’t have to go the conventional way while writing web content. Give out tips or experiences from your own life rather than sticking to the usual boring routine. Use attractive and powerful images to invite your readers. But do not over-do it and scare your readers away. If you have too many images, your post will end up looking like a kindergartener’s story book. Also be a little careful with the humor, as the World Wide Web is connected to all parts of the world and people from different ends of the world might not get your humor and some might even find it offensive. So you have to be careful while trying to be funny.

Research well

Read well about the product or service you are going to offer. You cannot be street smart and think on your feet when it comes to web content writing. You have to know your stuff. Luring the audience is a different thing but if you continue to do so throughout the entire post then you might just seem very desperate. So research and read well about what you are going to write. People turn to web content because they want to gain information about a specific thing. If they wanted to read about general topics, they could have just picked up a magazine or a newspaper or just gone to the library. So make it worth their time and effort and give your best.

Provide proof

Customers have the right to get proof for what you claim through your product. They deserve to know the actual details of what they are thinking of purchasing or investing on. You cannot just put up statistics without even having a reference. It is important to put up the correct statistics or numbers. If you do not, then your site will not get any traffic as nobody would want to trust your content. And they would turn to other websites for more options. Be reliable and trustworthy. You do not want to fool your readers or consumers. If you want to satisfy your customers, then post links for further reference and provide footnotes along with the statistics or numbers you have written about.

Keep the site fresh and updated

Keep the site fresh and updated as readers would keep checking on the site. Some websites often have old content and are not updated on time. There is no point visiting such sites as they will have nothing new. So stay updated. Have great looking visuals as people and tastes change from time to time. People wouldn’t really like the layout you had in the 1990s. so make sure you also change with time.

Do not forget to edit

Editing is extremely important. Before you post or publish anything you should check for typos or spelling errors. Relying merely on your spell check wouldn’t work. Spelling or grammatical errors are the biggest turn off ever not only online but also in real life. So make sure you do not turn your customer or reader off. That wouldn’t look very seductive now, would it?

Let people know about your posts

Link your site to a social networking site. Give them a sneak peak to what you are going to write about or what you have written about on your post. So keep updating your page and add links to posts you have recently published. This would attract them towards your web content.


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