10 Effective Content Writing Tips for Daily Bloggers

content writing tips, blog writing tips, web content writing, web site content writing, blog, blogging, blogs, bloggers, seo copywriting tipsRemember the time when writing was fun? Has the rigor of writing for blogs day in and day out sapped your creative energy? Read on to find easy ways to bring the pizzazz back to your blogs.

Content writing tip 1-What’s in a name?

The title of your blog, web page or article is akin to the title of a book or a movie. The title is what makes the audience choose your work over another author and believe me the choice is endless. Make it a hook that will reel in the audience, one click at a time.

Content writing tip 2-Reeling the fish in

Once the title is interesting enough, move to the next thing that your audience will pay attention to, the introduction. The infamous attention span of the online surfer is notoriously short lived. In order to keep the attention going, try questions and give clues as to just what the entire blog is going to talk about.

Content writing tip 3-Sprinkle ample humor

There are very few topics that cannot be made more palatable to the audience with sprinkles and dashes of humor. Be liberal with the jar of humor and enjoy writing the way you used to. If you enjoy writing and you have a sense of humor that is universally considered acceptable, then you will find a willing audience.

Content writing tip 4-Keeping up with the changing times and not just the Kardashians

The virtual world is updating itself every nanosecond. When web content writers do not stay abreast of the changing trends and ideas, their viewership reduces drastically. Stay tuned to the latest developments in the domain that you write about, and trends in writing itself. Utilizing the trends and talking about state-of-the-art ideas will get you a significantly larger audience.

Content writing tip 5- Write short stories instead of novels

The era of novels like “War and Peace” by Tolstoy has long since sailed. The joys of writing for an audience often makes you want to showcase your talent and veer far away from the topic. Stick to your guns, blaze through your ideas along the shortest route possible and you will have retained as well as created new audience for your blog.

Content writing tip 6-Ah the SEO woes!

A guaranteed way to create visibility and get your article in front of your target audience is through Search Engine Optimization. Yes, we have all been there, done that. But does it get easier to insert the keywords while retaining the natural flow of words? Not all the time.

Instead of paying extraordinary attention to the keywords alone, fit the keywords in through the use of synonyms when they naturally occur in your writing. An excessive use of keywords is just going to leave a bad taste in the audiences’ mouth.

Content writing tip 7-Rock your personality!

With the multitude of new blogs, web pages and articles being published every minute, how do you stand out from the crowd? Keep your writing style through your blogs. Your individuality and style much like in the real world will get you recognition in the virtual world. (As long as the style isn’t extraordinarily outlandish and one word short of unpalatable.)

Content writing tip 8-Look at it from the other side

Sometimes, despite thinking about your style, SEO keywords and plenty of research, putting your thoughts into words might be near impossible. At times like that, it pays to switch perspectives. A fresh perspective can alleviate the writer’s block that you may be experiencing.

For example if book reviews or movie reviews are your forte, but the movie has already been hashed out online, you might want to bring in a comparison, your personal likes and dislikes, etc. You could even pick a particular aspect of the movie, like the treatment of romance, and detail what you glean from the movie.

Content writing tip 9-Closing articles with panache

Once you nail the introduction and the actual body of the article, getting the closing portion right is just as tantamount. Most of your audience will not have the patience or the time to read through the entire article and take in the introduction, the bullet or highlighted points and the conclusion to be representative of your work.

Content writing tip 10-Proofreading

One of the best ways to ensure you have a well-written piece is to proofread it. Very often the hardest thing for a writer is to read her own work. Seeing your own mistakes can be harder than you think. Taking a break and coming back to read the article a while after it is written is a good way to get a fresh perspective.

Writing, even the most mundane piece of writing, requires creativity and a clear mind. Nearly every writer has at some point faced and crossed the writer’s block hurdle. Thinking about the web content writing tips listed here is a sure fire way to cross the hurdle while still retaining your style.


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