Web Content Writing: How to Create the Emotional Connection

So you have joined the bandwagon of content writers to write wonderful stuff for the web. You have gone through several articles that taught you the tips and tricks of what to write and how to write. You diligently followed advice on keyword stuffing and grammatical mistakes. You sincerely write and proof read your articles. Your language is right and your information is correct. But even after putting all the…

Tips on Keyword Placement in Web Content Writing

Imagine this scenario: You have written a great piece of content. You are excited about it and you still do not find it ranking very high on the Google pages. On the other hand, your colleague’s mediocre content is hogging the limelight by ranking at the top of the Google pages. You are baffled by the turn of events and wonder where you committed the mistake. The culprit is your…

Content Writing Tips – The Difference Between ‘That’ And ‘Which’

By Coffeegraphy

Sheila took home the bone china cup that was chipped.

Sheila took home the bone china cup which was chipped.

Other than the fact that Sheila sounds like a possible shoplifter, ever wondered why, when writing an article on Microsoft word, it suddenly underlines in green, a sentence with ‘which’ in it.

Why Hire A Professional Website Content Writing Company

By Coffeegraphy
“My mother sat under the mat”. Notice anything different or weird about the sentence? If not, it is high time you utilize the services of a professional web content writing firm to write, edit and spell check your online content. And even if you have figured out what is weird about the sentence, remember, the services of a professional website content writing firm will give you flexibility and more important – time – to focus your attention on other aspects of your business.

Re-discovering Writing through Web Content Writing

By Coffeegraphy

What put you on the path of content writing? For many of us, good school grades in the English Language spoke eloquently of a reigning love for the language. Consequently, the niche in which this love would flow ceaselessly seemed to be content writing. Oh, to be young and naive again. The mode of writing, albeit in the same language, is completely different in the web content writing domain. The style, purpose and intent all undergo a metamorphosis to be viable as content to be posted in virtual space. The following is a bunch of tips that you can use to make writing web content a whole lot easier.

How To Write In-depth Articles that Rank in Google

By Coffeegraphy

What is it that we usually do when we don’t know something? Or are confused about certain facts? We Google it. Google has become the equivalent of being a know it all. Earlier when we used to search for certain things on Google, the search results used to be keyword intensity based and not based on the quality of content each website presented. This was a problem for those who were searching for quality content and also for those who write good articles. This is why Google came up with the concept of in-depth articles. It basically refers to content that is not produced just to attract online traffic and customers but good quality content that is 2000 to 5000 words long.

Hitting the Bull’s Eye with Persuasive Content Writing

By Coffeegraphy

As a web content writer, what do you think is the point of putting a bunch of words in virtual space? The content is usually aimed at creating a perception of positivity around an object or notion. In other words, the point of creating web content is to sell it, to make it seem attractive to the target audience. While innumerable principles and maps can be drawn out to create content, selling it is one of the most important notion. So how then do you create this positivity or attraction without seeming dictatorial or desperate? Read on to find out how to hone your content into the sharpest persuasive arrow that will hit the target audience every single time.

Content Writing Tips: Surviving in the Freelance Content Writing World

By Coffeegraphy

The world occupied by freelance content writers is not one that can be imagined or laughed about. The fears, the insecurities and the uncertainties are all real and scary. Here is the key to surviving the ravages of maneuvering through the underground tunnels of freelance copywriting.