Web Content Writing: How to Create the Emotional Connection

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So you have joined the bandwagon of content writers to write wonderful stuff for the web. You have gone through several articles that taught you the tips and tricks of what to write and how to write. You diligently followed advice on keyword stuffing and grammatical mistakes. You sincerely write and proof read your articles. Your language is right and your information is correct. But even after putting all the efforts, often there seems to be something amiss in your content. What is it that ails your content?

It’s the emotional connection. For your content to have an extended shelf life, your words must leap out from the monitor and touch a chord with the readers. Read on to know how you can create content that builds the emotional bridge and reaches out to the reader.

Keep the funny side up

Nothing feels so good as a laugh that comes straight from the heart. If your content can carry the elements of humor in a balanced manner and evoke the sense of fun in your reader, it is sure to achieve its objective in a definite manner. A good piece of content dished out in a humorous manner will always cut ice with the reader. Of course, there are some content where the tone needs to be serious but for all others, a good dose of humor is the best remedy. Let a reader absorb whatever you are saying with a wide grin on the face.

Know about it before you go about it

Build credibility through extensive research. The more you research about a topic the more you gain knowledge on the subject. With knowledge comes authority and that brings along confidence. Let your reader know through your content that you are the master of the topic. Your integrity and sincerity will boost your readers’ confidence on your knowledge and keep them addicted to your content.

Let passion play the game

Spice is the variety of life and passion is the spice of content writing. Write your articles and blogs with passion to generate interest among your readers. The enthusiasm in your words must flow out to your readers and linger in their memory long after they have shut down their monitors or left the webpage. Compel them to come back for more through the power of passionate writing. It is one way through which your readers will realize your enthusiasm for the stuff you are writing and appreciate your content.

Make it as fresh as oven-baked

Make your content stand out on the virtue of originality. Offer your readers a fresh insight into a common topic and add your unique touch to it and then watch their reaction. Fresh and relevant content attracts readers and keeps them glued to your writings. The weapon of originality cuts through the maze of repeated content and creates a space for your fresh offerings. Keep on adding fresh and original stuff to your bunch of content writing and allow the fragrance of your content to draw readers to your writings.

Offer food for thought

The best category of content is the one that provokes a reader to think about the written stuff. Such content stay in the memory of the readers and often compels them to convert the content into conversation. As such, the content gains in popularity through the sharing of ideas and thoughts. Create content that offers food for thought before you sit back to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The ultimate thing to do is to write stuff that evokes a response from your readers. Make them happy, make them sad, make them mad but do not allow them to be indifferent. The moment your writing ceases to evoke a response, it ceases to have a life. Permit your content an enhanced lease of life by making that much desirable emotional connection with the reader.


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