Web Content Writing and Creatures of the Dark

web content , web content writing, website contentLet us start with the creatures of the dark – the vampires, the werewolves, the ghosts, the zombies, the leprechauns, the possessed dolls, the yakshis (The ghost of the Brahmin woman). Trust Indians to slot ghosts into caste structures! You name it, and it has already been written about or filmed on.

So what new insights can a content writer gain from the creatures of the dark? A lot really!

  1. Ever noticed how persistent your scary ghost is until it attains its goal? Well, the same holds true for blog writing and web content writing. A blog writer or content writer needs to stick to her goals and persist until she reaches there. Sometimes the going can get tough, and there may be days when you feel completely zoned out when you sit in front of your computer, or pick up your pen. But, make sure to be at your allotted work space and finish off whatever goals you have set for yourself.
  2. An average zombie or possessed doll is always in a hurry to get to their target. They are completely focused on their target. So point to be noted for those into blog writing – absolutely no dilly-dallying. Procrastination is not a virtue and you are not/cannot afford to be like Hamlet.
  3. The vampire waits for the right opportunity to take the lethal bite. Learn woman, learn. Grab whatever opportunity comes your way – take on a new project, write down notes for that great blog, or speak to experts on content writing opportunities. You get the drift. The content writing field is a competitive one. If you do not utilize the opportunities that come your way, you could end up like the vampires stuck forever in their coffins.
  4. Remember how the clever werewolf and vampire blends in with society and lives like an average human being on the outside? A web content writing job requires the same talent to blend in. You need to speak the speech, and write the language. In other words, you need to be able to mould your language and writing style to the requirements of the blog or the client. And for that you need to do extra reading. You cannot be “caught dead” writing in a style used by your grandfather. Naah! Gone are the days of British-style formal writing. So brush up on your international English phrases, idioms, vocabulary, and so on. However, if your client expects you to write in the style of a 19th century British colonist, then you need to oblige.
  5. When a coven of vampires moves into a neighborhood they study the area, the escape routes, the habits of the intended prey, before they make their move. Nothing is left to chance. So lesson learned? Do your research, before you write about a particular topic. You do not want to sound ignorant. Believe us, your ignorance will show through in your writing.
  6. Yakshis and ghosts, especially the vicious ones, prepare the house or their haunt beforehand so that their prey/victim cannot escape. The bottom line? Plan for the unexpected, and the expected. You may be asked by the client to re-write something, or a new client would expect you to have information related to their work, the electricity may be off for the day, your modem could go bust, the works. So do your background reading, have your samples ready and try to be ahead of your work schedule.

Unleash the Creature of the Dark in you and let the writing begin. Sounds cheesy, doesn’t it? So we rephrase, go get ‘em girl!


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