A to Z of Web Content Writing

content writing, content writing tipsContent writing is an area that offers a smart unification of creativity and rules. The perfect balance between these two aspects results in content that is attractive, informative and effective for the readers.

Whether you are a novice or a pro in the world of content writing, the fundamental rules are same for everyone. Read on to check out the A to Z of content writing.

  • Always strive to write informative and interesting content. Readers always search for information or answers to their questions on the internet. Try to produce useful content.
  • Bring freshness to your presentation through your unique writing style. Your writing is your voice in the online world. Modulate it to catch the attention of readers in a refreshing way.
  • Create an attractive title or headline that reveals the gist of your content body. A title or a headline is the focal point of attraction for the readers. Make it short, simple and exceptional.
  • Do start writing only after you have done extensive research on the topic. If you are offering advice or information, your words must reflect your confidence and authority on the topic.
  • Express your views in an easy language. An important rule of content writing is that your content must be easy enough to be read and understood by even a fifth standard child.
  • Format in a proper manner to refine your content’s presentation. Everyone likes to go through a well-formatted piece of content writing. Proper formatting makes content more readable.
  • Get rid of lengthy paragraphs and sentences. Long sentences and paragraphs are best avoided as they tend to become confusing or boring for most readers. Keep them short and simple.
  • Highlight the main points and key phrases. This is a tip to make your articles more attractive by drawing readers to the main or most interesting aspects of your post through highlighting.
  • Incorporate the keywords strategically. Weave the keywords in your post without destroying the natural flow. But take care to refrain from overstuffing your post with keywords.
  • Just don’t forget to use relevant images in your content. Images increase the visual appeal of your post. Use original images or credit the source of images if they are not your own.
  • Keep your voice consistent throughout the post. It is better to write in active voice as readers relate to it more. Do not mix up the voices as that destroys the flow of the words in the post.
  • Look for ways to make your subheadings interesting and relevant. Yes, the subheadings are also as important as the headings or titles. They too help to seize the reader’s attention.
  • Maintain an engaging tone throughout the post. Readers generally love a conversational way in a post. It makes for easy reading. Try to keep up their interest all through the post.
  • Never forget that you are writing for your readers and not the search engines. So while writing your content pay attention to make it attractive for the readers. The SEO can happen later.
  • Opt to use bullets and numbered list style if you have to list something in your post. Bulleted lists are simpler to read and help to emphasize the main points in an easy manner.
  • Provide information that will be valuable for your readers. Do not write words to just fill up space. Write content that is helpful for the readers and offer them with some useful information.
  • Quote relevant quotes to make your content more compelling for the readers. Interesting quotes make your post more enjoyable and engaging for the readers.
  •  Remain focused on your topic. It is alright to add some personality to your content to keep the readers intrigued. But do not deviate from your topic and drift into unrelated aspects or areas.
  • Stick to the basic rules of grammar. Your topic or your way of writing may be very interesting. But without the use of correct grammar, the effort will be all but lost on the readers.
  • Take the effort to add humor to your content. Nothing engages the readers more than a good dose of humor. So deliver your content in a humorous manner to increase your readership.
  • Understand your target audience and their needs well. You will be able to do justice to the needs of your readers only when you know or realize what they want to read.
  • Verify your sources. The internet is full of all kinds of unverified information. Try to discern the facts from the myths or rumors before you trust anyone for facts related to your topic.
  • Write the whole post first and then edit. Finish the creative process of writing your post in entirety. Then start editing to add or change sentences or paragraphs that need improvement.
  • X-ray your content for spelling errors. A good post can lose value among the readers if an unintended spelling mistake creeps into it. So make sure to incorporate spell checks.
  • Yield content that is as reliable as possible. Your readers will depend on you and your words if you consistently provide them with quality content.
  • Zoom to the zenith of content writing by proofreading each and every piece of content you write. Never neglect proofreading your content as that is the final touch of your writing process.

Follow these A to Z rules of content writing. You will be able to deliver content that is not only correct and proper but also attracts the attention of readers.


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