Web Content Writing – Getting it done

Do you feel like pulling out your hair when you have a writer’s block? Or when you can’t seem to find a place to work? And are inundated with other work? Well, don’t pull out your hair. Baldness looks hep on people like Salman Rushdie and Bruce Willis, not on ordinary mortals like you and us. We will just look sad and slightly out of fashion with premature baldness.

Coming to writer’s blocks and lack of place – the works (no, not pizza) – how do we, content writers, tackle these issues that plague us?

  1. We have a room/table/ironing table/chair which we have booked for ourselves in our homes and offices – set aside for web content writing and nothing else. Our table (or ironing table in one instance) is sacrosanct. Babies and older people are absolutely forbidden from touching, pooping, and/or dumping stuff on this sacred place.
  2. From 9 (sometimes 10, and in some cases it becomes 10 pm) till 1 we do not move from the chair, come what may. That is our time to cogitate, read, type, edit our work. We have kept aside a particular time slot for work, and even if we are too exhausted to work, we make a point of sitting in that chair (no beds, we respect our backs) and staring blankly at the computer screen, or take a novel and read it. But, that chair has to be warmed for exactly 2-3 hours (or more) every single day.
  3. Write woman, (or man, as the case may be. No misandry intended) write – every day. So sometimes when we are staring at the computer blankly, we decide to pull over our dairy and write about our day, or note down something that struck us as being important to some future project we may take up; not necessarily related to content writing. But, we make a point of writing something or the other every day, or we fear our brains may slow down with a future possibility of dementia. Ok, maybe that was getting ahead of ourselves and needless worrying, but we want to get the point across – writing every day will get the creative juices flowing.
  4. Be firm with your co-workers and family regarding your schedule. From 9 to 1 you are not to be disturbed. That is your “me time” to work. Your “me time” to relax is different. You need that too, so the best way is to club them together, one following the other. You could write for 3 hours and then take a break for 30 minutes, at your work table or outside. For some of us, our “me time” to relax is at another time of the day. Be flexible because you know what suits your lifestyle best.
  5. Finish your work on schedule. Dithering at work will not gain you points with your client/boss. It will affect your reputation as a dependable content writer.

We hope our pointers on how to get it done has helped you. And on that serious note we sign off.


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