Learning the Art of Blog Writing from India’s Dancing Super Star

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You have diligently completed your homework and yet find it hard to succeed. You are already exhausted browsing the Internet for ways to be different from the rest; to be the best. Think again. Will it really help you be different? If it is something that hasn’t been discovered yet, it will not be on the Internet. Yes, it is that simple. New actions come with innovative thinking.

Today, we would like to share with you a few blog writing tips that can help you with other types of web content writing as well. Let’s learn this from the Chaavat Boys’ feat who are now well-known for their performance at the dance show ‘India’s Dancing Super Star’.

Brewing a New Flavour

Creativity and originality always rock! Write about an unspoken topic, a topic that nobody has ever imagined. Write it in a way that will make the reader feel that he/she is getting the information right from the horse’s mouth; from the most reliable source. Experiment! If it works, you succeed; and if it doesn’t, you learn a new lesson. As the boys sprung onto the dance floor, all eyes were fixed on them. Everyone expected a magical dance. And yes, though we couldn’t call that dance, they did create magical moments with everyone cheering and laughing their lungs out. So, add a breath of freshness into your blog with creativity and innovation, and remember, true creativity has to come from within you.

Having The Guts to be Simple

Critics may say that the Chaavat Boys only moved their hands. Yes, they were simple movements, but the idea was a super hit. You could, or rather, even a six or seven year old could repeat those steps. But, the Chaavat Boys had the guts to put up a show as simple as that and win hearts. The same principle applies to you. Be it blog writing or web content writing, use simple language and simple words that can be understood by all your readers. It is one of the simplest ways for your content to gain maximum attention.

Actions Speak for Themselves

Your blog or web site content should be the mirror image of your thoughts. A song is played, and the Chaavat Boys’ actions give out the literal meaning of the song. Don’t beat around the bush. Just imagine you are in a hurry, on your way to work and you meet your neighbour. Out of courtesy, you tend to ask how he/she is doing. Now, if the person gives you a complete history of the morning and ends up saying he/she is doing just fine, how will you feel? Will you not escape the next time you see that person? Internet users feel the same way. The world is busy. Write down your views briefly, and your blog/web content may have more visitors interested in coming back to read it more often.

Entertainment Guaranteed

Audience for one of India’s best dance competitions did not see jazz, salsa, hip hop or contemporary dance forms when the Chaavat Boys worked their magic on the dance floor. However, these boys offered unlimited entertainment. Why do people read blogs? Their tired minds are looking for some relaxation and entertainment. They are looking for something interesting. While crafting sentences for your blog, think of such people. Will your blog entertain them?

Mesmerizing the Audience

If you were watching the Chaavat Boys perform on television, bet you wouldn’t switch channels until they finished. Their warm-up exercises and way of inviting blessings from God before the performance would make one want to wait and watch if there was something extraordinary or some kind of risk involved in the dance. (By the way, this also gives us a lesson on a good intro.) In the end, it was hardly anything that required physical strength. One would not expect (at least the judges) to appreciate them since it was a dance show with some of India’s most talented dancers showing their dance movements. You would have waited to see what the judges said. Such was the magic. Write your blog in such an interesting and unpredictable manner that the reader would be impatient till he/she reached the climax.

Adding Pinches of Fun and Glamour

A little bit of fun and glamour never hurt. The Chaavat Boys mean serious business. India’s Dancing Super Star was not the first show to witness their dance. They have been performing on various shows on different occasions since the last few years. These boys have been successful in entertaining even the serious types with their innovative dance form. While consistency in the tone of the blog post is very essential, a tinge of humour will surely do no harm.

We hope these blog writing tips will help you excel. Wish you luck! Now, if you browse the Internet for Chaavat Boys (in case you haven’t done that yet), this blog has served its purpose. Have a great day ahead.