5 Web Content Writing Tips for The Newbies

web content writing, website content writing, content writing tipsAre you a newbie to web content writing? Here are a few useful content writing tips that will help you take a plunge.

Web Content Writing Tip 1-Learn to Unlearn

Well, back in college you might have written a few poems and stories for the college magazine. Your teachers and mates might have applauded you and even said that writing is the job for you. If you have jumped into content writing based on such a history, be warned, it is a world of keywords and rankings. You cannot expect people to appreciate your website content if it is not supported by keywords that ensure better ranking. And if your keywords are affecting the natural flow of the copy, be prepared to get grilled by your boss or editor.

Web Content Writing Tip 2: Take Control

If you want to be a  website content writer with better prospects, forget about unleashing your creativity and letting writing guide you. You cannot write articles for web inspired by a muse. You need to have control over facts, word count and even over the length of the sentence. So take control of your writing. If you find any sentence or word that does not make sense, feel free to scrap it.

Web Content Writing Tip 3: ‘Get Over the It is About Me Attitude’

This attitude can make you only a personal blog writer who whines about the pathetic life he/she is compelled to live. When you grow into a professional content writer, you are writing for the clients and not for your own pleasure. You become a professional website content writer only when you realize that writing is not anymore a therapeutic or a pleasurable activity. Write for others. Write in a language others understand and change the tone according to your audience.

Web Content Writing Tip 4: Be Your Own Editor

To be your own editor does not mean that your read the article you wrote again and again and sift out the last grammar or typo error from the copy. When we say be your own editor, we mean to say that you must be your own reader. Check if the analogy you used in the copy really make sense and is not fundamentally incorrect. Cross check facts once again. Make sure you have put even the most boring facts in an interesting and easy to understand form.

Web Content Writing Tip 5: Understand the Brief Right

If we say understanding the brief is the key to writing the right content, we are only reiterating the obvious. What will a be copy like if a writer does not understand the brief properly. Imagine a scenario where your boss asks you to write about ghost writing services and you end up writing a copy that describes the ghost writer as a writer who writes ghost stories.

Warning: If you do not get the brief right, all the four content writing tips discussed above will not work.


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