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How to Beat Writing Roadblock Blue

After a hiatus of more than a year, I am back to blog writing and I am having cold feet. I stared a blank screen for some time, wrote a few words, deleted them, wrote again just to delete and caught myself in a monotonous cycle of writing and deleting. In between, I checked my mails, made some phone calls and by mere accident heard the clock ticking. Dang! This…

Web Content Writing – Getting it done

Do you feel like pulling out your hair when you have a writer’s block? Or when you can’t seem to find a place to work? And are inundated with other work? Well, don’t pull out your hair. Baldness looks hep on people like Salman Rushdie and Bruce Willis, not on ordinary mortals like you and us. We will just look sad and slightly out of fashion with premature baldness. Coming…

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How to Get Past the Writer’s Block

Writers often complain about sitting and staring into a blank page or a computer screen, not being able to write a single word. This situation of extreme unproductiveness has been lovingly nicknamed as ‘the writer’s block’. But there have always been prolific writers all the time. Earnest Hemingway used to sit next to a typewriter and bleed words, apparently. What does it takes to sit and bleed words? Is it…

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Web Content Writing Tips: Types of Writer’s Block

Imagine the scenario: You are in an upbeat mood and brimming with ideas. You sit down at your desk with enthusiasm to create a nice piece of web content. But strangely, you cannot give shape to your thoughts or ideas through words. Meanwhile, the tireless clock ticks away at its own pace. Even after spending a couple of hours staring into the blank Microsoft word sheet nothing seems to materialize in a concrete manner. You leave your desk for a breath of fresh air. As you come back some moments later you realize that the same blank feeling has returned riding piggyback on you. You throw up your arms in exasperation. Sounds familiar? This is one of the many forms in which the inconspicuous “writer’s block” raises its ugly head. Read on to know more about the various kinds of writer’s block.