5 Foolpoof Ways to Seize Your Reader’s Interest Instantly

blog writing tips, content writingImagine that you have written a compelling piece of content. You have done extensive research and have come up with original ideas to share with your readers. With high hopes you publish your content online. But to your dismay, you find that your content writing is not attracting the readers towards it. You are left wondering what went wrong in the whole process.

Web content writing demands that your content attracts the attention of your readers. A brilliant piece of writing will never serve its purpose if it has not been read by its target audience. You must grab your prospect’s attention in order to convert him or her into a reader.

So, how can you catch your reader’s attention? Read on to learn 5 foolpoof ways to seize your reader’s interest instantly.

Create the focal point for drawing attention

Before you can draw readers to read your blog, you must figure out the focal point of attraction. What makes your content stand out for attention among the several other pieces of content? What is it in your piece of content writing that will compel readers to go through your content?

The answer is very simple. It is the headline of your content writing. Yes, it is the headline that creates the first impression on your readers. Often readers decide whether to go through the content or move on to the next page or website based on the headline. As online readers are scanners who scan content before actually reading it, a compelling headline will turn the focus on your writing. It will help to turn the traffic towards your writing.

Make your readers see what you see

As a blog writer, you are placing your own ideas and thoughts in front of others. But since every person thinks in a different manner, your readers may not realize your point of view immediately. The way you perceive and understand a situation may differ greatly from the way your reader does. People will not be interested in knowing what you have to say through your writing if they cannot see what you see.

So, lead them to see what you see through a number of ways. You can tell a story, you can describe personal experiences, you can refer to a famous person or incident, you can do anything that allows you to express how you perceive a matter or a situation to your reader.

Add a personal touch

Readers always prefer to read content that carry a personal touch. They love content that they can connect to. Think of ways to make your piece of content writing attractive for your readers by adding a personal touch to it. Such an effort not only arrests a reader’s attention, it also slips into the awareness of the reader and stays there for a long time.

For instance, you will not have to offer a lot of explanation if you tell someone that his or her pocket has been picked. You will get instant attention as you said something that is very personal to that person. Try to create such a personal effect through your content writing. Your readers are bound to respond.

Use humor

Humor is a great way to arrest the attention of your readers. They relate better to content writing pieces that have a dash of humor in them. It is one emotion that can draw people towards your content and convert them into loyal readers and followers. Humor adds life to even the most common or mundane topics. It also helps to create a place in the reader’s memory.

Apply a humorous touch to your content and watch your content pull readers towards it in an effortless manner.

Sustain the attention

Once you have captured your reader’s attention, sustain it with useful information. Do not forget that your main purpose of grabbing attention was to let your reader know what you have written. If that portion does not seem to be useful for the reader, the whole exercise of grabbing attention becomes futile. Provide your readers with a well-researched and well-presented piece of content writing and they will definitely read it and come back for more.


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