How to Write a Unique Blog: 10 Exceptional Ways

blog writing,coffeegraphy, content writing India, content writing companyBlog writing is one of the most popular activities on the internet today. Bloggers of every category and with all levels of expertise are trying to carve an identity in the world of blogging writing. In this crowded place what is your strategy to make a mark as a blogger? How do you plan to stand out among the others and attract readers for your blog or increase your readership?

Try out these 10 exceptional ways to create a unique blog.

Select a Strong Genre

The blogging world is a large space and there is an endless list of topics to select from. Choose a genre that has a widespread appeal and which you can handle easily. Make sure that you can write a great deal on the topic. But most importantly, you must love writing and sharing information relevant to the topic. So pick your topic carefully after being confident that you can relate to it totally.

Develop a Blog Writing Style

All successful bloggers have one thing in common. They have a consistent style of writing that they follow religiously in each of their blog posts. Develop a unique style of writing keeping in mind the target audience of your blog. The language of your blog must appeal to your niche audience and keep them interested in your blog writing.

Be a Reader First

Read extensively and read regularly. Regardless of whether it is fiction or non-fiction, books or blogs, reading opens up the windows of your mind. It offers inspiration and improves the style of writing. Reading also helps to realize what a reader wants to know in a particular topic. This realization often helps while writing posts for your own blog.

Engage Readers through Fresh Content

Content is the backbone of blog writing. Make it a point to provide fresh and unique content to keep your readers engaged. Research thoroughly and present the facts in a manner that will differentiate you from other bloggers. Express using simple words that your readers can follow easily.

Use Irresistible Headlines and Subheadings for your blogs

A headline is an effective way to draw traffic to your blog. A good headline and appealing subheadings cause the readers to check out the whole blog post. Attract your readers with blog headlines and subheadings that are irresistible.

Try following the tips provided in 5 Secrets to Create Magnetic Blog Headings to develop attractive headlines for your blogs.

Add Infographics to your Blog

Infographic is an interesting way to express facts. The visual appeal combined with the relevant information is helpful in arresting the attention of the readers. An outstanding infographic often stays in the memory of the readers for a long time and helps to increase the recall value of the blog post.

Be Flexible in your Interactions

Encourage your readers to comment, question or offer suggestions on your blog. Be prompt in responding to your readers. This will make them feel engaged and help you to connect better. Take their criticism in a positive manner and try to incorporate changes that will help to increase your readership.

Verify your Sources

The internet is a hub of information on all kinds of topics. But not all information out there is correct or true. As a blogger it is your responsibility to source honest and relevant information for your readers. Before offering any info to your readers make sure that it is correct in all respect. Verify your sources and cross check if necessary. Leave out any piece of info if you are not sure about it. Even if it may be a great addition for your blog, better be sure first. Always remember that your readers put their faith in your words. Be responsible and live up to their expectations.

Keep the Humorous Side up

Humor is the secret ingredient that can endear your blog to your readers. Apply humor in your blog writing and present information in an entertaining manner to your readers. You can create funny stories, relate personal anecdotes or use any other technique to keep the entertainment point high in your posts. Writing with a funny touch will help to keep your readers intrigued to your blog posts.

Provide them the Motive to come back

The online world is full of blogs related to all kinds of topics. What is the high-point in your blog writing that will make a reader come back to your blog or subscribe to it? The answer is simple: content. In order to increase and sustain your readership you must provide them with wonderful content. Make sure to post unique content on a regular basis and keep the quality consistently high. This will increase the dependability of your readers on you. They will remain hooked to every word you say and will come back for more.

Follow these tips to create your own unique space in the world of blog writing and enjoy blogging your way to success.



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