Secrets of Avoiding Blog-Writing Burn-out

blog writing, blog writing tipsHas it ever happened that you sat down to write a blog post and no idea materialized? Did you end up staring blankly at the computer screen in utter frustration? Are there days when you do not have any inclination for blog writing? The pressure to deliver great content every time can be stressful and can lead to blog-writing burn-out. It can bring phases when you might end up writing nothing for days on end.

So, how can you come out of this unproductive phase and get back to writing impressive stuff again? Read on to know the secrets to avoid blog-writing burn-out.

Quality Comes Before Quantity

If the pressure of posting one-blog-a-day seems too much to handle, then allow yourself to post blogs twice or thrice a week. Your aim is to produce quality posts, even if it is not on a daily basis. Realize that your readers will appreciate one or two outstanding posts per week rather than seven average posts. If you still want to continue with posting one blog each day, then try writing shorter posts. Take it as your commitment towards quality and start getting back to the groove again.

A Change Can Do Wonders

Most blog writers often dive into the online world for inspiration and ideas for their blog writing. For a change, stop doing that. If you feel that no idea is treading near you, then simply look into the wide world outside for fresh ideas and inspiration. Take a walk down the road, connect with nature or enjoy some moments with friends and family. Do not keep on thinking about your blog writing. Instead, look out of your window and enjoy the drizzle or the sunshine. Relax your mind and you will be surprised at the ideas that will flow to you.

An Idea-list a Day Keeps Burn-out Away

You can practice building an idea-list where you note down ideas whenever they occur to you. Of course, there are days when you wake up to a great day and a fresh idea. But for those days when the clouds of frustration block out the sun of ideas, a built-up list can be highly useful. Try to keep aside a few minutes each day to think and jot down at least a couple of blog ideas. You will be surprised with how many ideas you can put into the list within one week.

A Sequel Can be Your Saviour

Dive into your blog and find out your most popular posts. See if you can add some new information to them. Update them after touching up with a few tweaks that can be of interest for your readers. But don’t play with a blog post if you have nothing substantial to update it with. The fundamental rule of good blog writing is to provide useful information. So stick to this rule if you are to create a sequel of your popular blogs.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

This is the most simple but the most effective idea to avoid blog writing burn-out. Try to write at least two extra blog posts each week. After you have a stock of about 10 extra blogs you will be in a better position to handle your burn-out. This stock will serve to overcome the emergencies. But don’t neglect replenishing the stock once you come out of the crisis period. In this way, you shall have a few posts to fall back on in case of any emergencies. In fact, you can also take a break in times of your burn-out and come back re-energized to your blog writing if you have the cushion of such a back up.


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