How To Write In-depth Articles that Rank in Google

By Coffeegraphy

in-depth articlesWhat is it that we usually do when we don’t know something? Or are confused about certain facts? We Google it. Google has become the equivalent of being a know it all. Earlier when we used to search for certain things on Google, the search results used to be keyword intensity based and not based on the quality of content each website presented. This was a problem for those who were searching for quality content and also for those who write good articles. This is why Google came up with the concept of in-depth articles. It basically refers to content that is not produced just to attract online traffic and customers but good quality content that is 2000 to 5000 words long.

So, now if you do a search, you will not just get articles that are keyword rich you searched, in fact you will get a preview of your search such as a brief description, a few pictures (thumbnails) and a title. This would give you a better view of what you are looking for without having to open multiple tabs or clicking on different links. Big brands online have an edge over the others as they tend to dominate the search results and get more online traffic. Lesser known blogs and publication might suffer unless the user is looking for something more specific such as that particular author, article, blog or even website. So here is how small websites or blogs could make their mark by writing in depth articles. Don’t know how exactly you should write one? Here is how you can write them in order to be ranked in Google.

Use Authorship Markup

This helps you have a Global Author profile, so if you write something online for any website, it will automatically get connected to your profile. This way you have rightful ownership over all your work online. You will get more visibility and will increase the search rates. Google uses authorship markup to find relevant material on specific search results. So make sure you claim your authorship markup as soon as possible and connect your website to Google +. Authorship Markup is the best way to claim your content and protect it from being plagiarized by another individual because it will be automatically connected to your online profile no matter which website it is posted in. it will also show the articles you have written once you are searched on Google.

Create Compelling Content

You need to be creating the right kind of content. The right kind here, refers to epic content. No matter what you do, if the body of your content is not up to the mark, then you will find a great deal of trouble competing against other articles. So make sure you make it interesting. There should be a strong understanding of the subject if you need to make it in depth. Keep the information relevant and straight forward rather than beating around the bush. Make sure your articles contain words ranging from 2000 to 5000 and are meaningful and original. Quality over quantity is the way to go. If your content is boring and there are around 2000 to 5000 words, then nobody would even bother reading it even though it meets the required word limit. The content should be amazing and engaging enough to attract more readers towards your link. This would give lesser known blogs and sites some advantage to be found on search results based on their good quality articles, if you make sure that you have taken appropriate measures to be found on Google.

Logo Optimization

If you want to give users a quick view of their articles, you can optimize your logo for in depth search. In order to do this you will have to create a Google + account and connect your website with it.  Choose your logo afterwards and then specify it. This would help you optimize your logo and your logo will be shown on Google search after a while.

Schema Markup

This makes indexing pages more convenient for search engines by helping them understand and index the pages better. Schema markup is a series of tags that is used by webmasters to optimize their HTML coding. Being marked up with Schema coding is very essential for your article to be found on Google in depth search results and rankings. The best way to do this I by visiting and follow a simple procedure.

So these are ways that would help you write an in depth article that Google would rank. It seems easy doesn’t it? Do not fret over it and get over competitive. Not every article of yours has to be amazing, but do try to make it good quality content. Hope these tips help you.


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