Learning Content Writing from the Life of Nelson Mandela

blog writing, content writingKnowledge is a never-ending process in our lives. We get to learn so many things from our surroundings. We derive knowledge from the people around us as well as from the people effecting our lives from afar. One such personality is the international icon of peace, democracy and anti-apartheid, Nelson Mandela. This amazing man has shown to the world the power of indomitable spirit and determination. There is a lot that we can learn in the field of content writing from the life of Nelson Mandela, popularly called Madiba and the father of the nation.  Let’s take a look at a few such lessons:

Lesson 1: Perseverance

Nelson Mandela was a man of great resolve. Even his long imprisonment and hardship inside the prison premises could not deter him from striving towards a nation free from the clutches of apartheid.

Lesson Learned

Never give up on what you have decided to do. The quality of perseverance teaches us to hold on to our aim and keep moving under all circumstances. In content of content writing, it teaches us to keep on writing even if the going does not seem smooth enough.

Lesson 2: Integrity

Madiba embodied integrity. Even in the face of his long revolution and struggle he kept his integrity intact. He was an icon on whom his whole country could depend without any doubt. He was always there for their needs even after he had retired from all his duties associated with any public office.

Lesson Learned

Be reliable in your content writing endeavors. Like this great man, try to win the trust of your readers. Create the bond of dependability between you and your readers. Always provide them with honest and trustworthy content so that they can put their faith on the words you write.

Lesson 3: Confidence

Madiba was a confident man who knew how he would go about seeking his goal. While he came across many setbacks in his long fight towards an equal society, he overcame each of them in a confident manner.

Lesson Learned

Write with confidence. In the field of content writing confidence comes through knowledge. Know well about your topic by researching well. Writing confidently comes naturally when you are an expert on the topic you are handling. Your writing with authority on any topic will win the confidence of your readers and bring them back to you for more.

Lesson 4: Lasting impression

Nelson Mandela has left an ever-lasting impression on the whole world through his struggle and endeavor towards peace and harmony in the society. His words and his thoughts have inspired countless people around the world. Though he left his mortal body, his values and ideologies will keep on inspiring generations to come.

Lesson Learned

Create a lasting impression through your content writing. Every content writer wants his or her work to be popular and to be read by the maximum number of people possible. This can only happen when the content writing is delivered in such a manner that it grips the mind of the reader and stays there long after he or she has left the webpage. It must stay in the memory and provoke the reader to think over the matter. This will automatically extend the shelf life of your blog post or piece of content.

Lesson 5: Convincing Power

Madiba was a man with great convincing powers. He had to suffer a life of struggle. But ultimately he succeeded in convincing the allied power in South Africa in particular and the whole world in general about the need for a society independent from any kind of racial demarcation.

Lesson Learned

Learn to present your blog posts or content writing work in a convincing manner. Readers are intelligent enough to recognize a well-written piece of content writing. If a blog post can convince them through its words and ideas, then it will create a bond between the reader and the writer. The reader will be able to believe and understand what the writer is trying to convey through his or her words. This is exactly what every writer wants, isn’t it?

Lesson 6: Responsibility

Nelson Mandela never shied away from his responsibilities. Even after his long fight, he had to suffer criticism after becoming the first black president of the country. But the brave man stood like a rock and carried on his social work. He continued to serve for the cause of the society and humanity even after retiring. For him life was all about achieving his goal of a world where everyone would be treated as equal in every way.

Lesson Learned

Do not forget your responsibility under any circumstance. Content writing is a field where the readers depend on the information provided by the content writers. It is the responsibility of the writers to present honest and unbiased content for the benefit of the readers. It is better to write about something only when you are sure of all the facts. To provide wrong or distorted information is not desirable at all. So handle your responsibility with care.

Apart from the above mentioned lessons there is another lesson that Nelson Mandela endorsed through his work – always remain positive. Though the great statesman and the revolutionary is no longer among us today, we can pay him our respect and regard by following his values and incorporating them in our work. On this positive note coffeegraphy signs off.


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