3 Undeniable Truths about Writing Web Content

Web Content, Web Content Wring, Web Content Writing Services, content writing bangaloreWeb content is all about writing content that will make you want to read more and learn something about your everyday. But how do you write content that is relevant and catchy? Read on to find out the 3 undeniable truths about writing web content that sells.

The following are three truths that govern writing great web content. Used in combination, they form the foundation of a well-written article that is sure to get readers reading and traffic flowing to your website.

Truth 1 – Compulsive Titles

What’s in a name you ask? If you were to imagine your article to be a car then the title becomes the fuel. The title is like a piece of glass in the sun, it is what catches the attention of a reader. A title that is drab and a statement of facts is like a boring book cover, it does not make a reader want to pick up the book and look inside.

If you are having a hard time finding titles that pop out of the page, then despair not. Inspiration for good titles can be found everywhere. If fashion is your calling, then you will be aware that a simple play on language can make a brand famous overnight. Remember the chaos the brand fcuk created. The brand caused a controversy, it caused a stir and people wanted to know more. Similarly if you are a web content writer and looking for ways to make your writing more interesting, then try a play on words and letters.

The number game

Titles with numbers have an inexplicable attraction. Readers inevitably find themselves navigating towards the numbered title like a magnet to a fridge. This law is utilized extensively in magazines across the world. Continuing on the fashion theme, fashion blogs often have content about things like “Top 25 fashion faux pas for summer” or “Top 15 colors for summer” or even “Top 10 brands you don’t want to be caught wearing”.

The numbers may seem incredulous, but the incredulousness is what catches the attraction of the reader. With the pace of the internet getting faster every day, web content writers everywhere inevitably use bullet points and break down the content into bite-sized pieces. When such is the case, use those numbers in your title and you are bound to get more traffic through your website.

The question mark “?”

Think about it. Why do most people surf the net? To get answers of course. Web content that begins with a question is bound to get people to want to read more to get answers. Questioning titles poke the readers and make them think. Readers very often are looking a refreshing read that answers questions, while also pushing the reader to think.

An interactive article they say is the best kind of article as it gets the reader to think and feel like an active participant of the process. Questions, especially open ended questions really make the readers give into imagination as very often there are no right or wrong answers.

With summer bearing down on folks, many fashion conscious people are bound to be looking for the “in” colors for the season. If you were to title your article “Colors for summer”, then it might just look to the reader like an article straight out of a fashion encyclopedia. If the same article were to be titled “Is white the only color for summer?”, then it would be a title that hooked readers. The title feels more relevant to the current scenario and also conveys that the article has many options to include color in a summer wardrobe. So you see the title is definitive for the success of a web content writer.

Truth 2 – Relevance

A web content writer is usually at his/her best when writing about something they are particularly passionate about. However, each one of us are different and are passionate about different things. The article thus written might not provoke readers enough to read through the entire article. Although extremely well-written, the whole point of blogs intended to bring in web traffic is then defeated.

Most surfers are looking for particular answers to everyday problems. If your article contains relevant tips and tricks to deal with the everyday problems that the average person faces, then you are bound to have a good flow of web traffic.

“Looking to get rid of the static cling?” or “Top ten tricks to dress yourself taller and slimmer!” are more of what applies to the average person. Many of us experience the static electricity in clothing and would love to find out how to get rid of the cling. Choosing the topic that potential readers might be tackling in their daily activities is the best bet to get more web traffic and increase popularity.

Truth 3 – Surprise, shock and make your readers laugh with you

Emotion is a strong contender in the game. Web content that evokes emotion be it happiness, shock or surprise is what sets the good apart from the blah. With web content writing that angers, scares or shocks readers, you might want to be a tad more careful as it may provoke a strong reaction.

Content that has a liberal sprinkling of humor, rest assured makes web pages/ blogs invite readers. A smile truly does make everything seem better. After a busy day at work, not many readers want to read through a bland statement of facts. The facts mixed up with humor makes it more palatable and lightens the outlook. Building emotion, particularly humor into your article is a sure fire way to get the web traffic flowing.

Writing great copies that sells is, as demonstrated, not rocket science. Get inspiration from what moves you and a simple mix of time-tested tricks combined with relevant matter is sure to make for one hell of an article.


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