Web Content Writing Tips that Get the Ink Flowing

content writing tips, blog writing tips, web content writing, web site content writing, blog, blogging, blogs, bloggers, seo copywriting tipsDon’t you just want to yell at the uninitiated when they seem to think that web content writing is a cake walk? Nobody who has written for the web can claim that it is easy. There are a lot of things that can clutter the mind when you sit down to write, making the whole process a lot harder. This blog has a few tried and tested tips that will help de-clutter and clarify muddled ideas.

The SEO bug

Efforts to get appropriate SEO keywords in the articles often lead to an overdose of the same word with content that lacks quality. While having the keywords is important, the content is tantamount to the article being well received.

For example instead of using synonyms for the word ‘film’ in your article, assuming of course that ‘film’ is a keyword, using the word appropriately in the title and in the article will allow you to write with a natural flow while utilizing the keywords.

Language vs. content

A vast majority of online readers are not interested in spending quality time on anything. In and out is the mantra for online audience. The consciousness of writing for an audience often makes writers want to preen and showcase their prowess over the language. Language and style overtaking the actual content of the article causes a problem.
Therefore, instead of spending time on thinking about the turn of the phrase, spend time on researching for more content. Bullet points with short explanations seem to be the cure towards a healthy, informative and simple article.


Very often, as web content writers, we are required to write in favor of businesses and points of views. This perspective however should not become tacky or just plain desperate.

For example instead of asking the reader to buy product ‘a’ over product ‘b’, talk about the benefits of product ‘a’. The inference of the product being infinitely better than its competition should be drawn by the reader and not implicitly stated as such.

Space vs. content

Getting your point across in the least possible amount of space makes for good web content. This point has been hammered down enough to wear the hammer out. It nevertheless is the absolute truth about web content writing.

If setting word limits, using bullet points or subtitles furthers your efforts to keep your article short then that is the best means to bringing quality to work.

Finishing in style

Sometimes, writing is not the hard part, editing is harder. Ideas seem to flow in tandem with the endless music playing around you. Once you type the last word and step back, you might realize that you have overstepped the word limit, forgotten completely about mundane things like subtitles, bullet points and keywords. Frustration is your worst enemy. Polishing off the article and making sure that it is palatable to your target audience and the search engine robot is crucial.

Take a break. Take a walk, cook or just take a power nap. Once you are refreshed, you can look at your writing from a third person’s perspective and polish your diamond in the rough to a brilliant shine.

So you see, web content writing is no mean feat. But, keeping these pointers in mind when you sit down to write the next time can get you to the finish line faster and in style.


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