Top 3 Tips to Create Original Content in an Easy Manner

web content writing, website content writing, web content writer, work from home writerWriting original content on a constant basis can be a challenge for even the best of the writers.

Due to time constrictions at the professional and personal level, writers often feel bogged down by the demand to generate original and quality content. But then, you are well-aware of the fact that creation of fresh and original content is indispensable for increasing the popularity of your brand.

So, how do you tackle the problem?

Instead of feeling frustrated it is better to deal with the matter with a new perspective. Read on to know the top tips to write fresh content in an easy manner.

Content Writing Tip 1: Bring Keywords into the Play

A keyword is not the last word in content writing. But it is equally true that keywords are essential for effective content. So your approach should be to write for your readers; but at the same time do not forget the search engines. Build up a simple keyword strategy to attract the attention of search engines by using the following ideas:

  1. Identify Keywords: Stand out from the crowd by using your thought process to identify keywords. Recognize the ones that you feel will be the most effective for your topic and will attract your target audience and discover your opportunities.
  2. Focus on Long-tail Keywords: This tip is fundamental for writers dealing in competitive niches. Do not get unnecessarily worked up with short-tail keywords. Use long-tail keywords instead and improve your delivery.
  3. Remember the Social Media: With the increasing reach of social media, it is no longer viable to ignore the social media platform. Identify the keywords and topics that are the current flavour on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Join in the discussions to know your audience better and realize your opportunity.

Content Writing Tip 2: Decide Whether to Edit or Update

Often writers are faced with the situation where they have a huge volume of content having appropriate keywords, but the articles have lost their power of attracting readers. The first thought that hits a writer under such circumstances is to update or edit the old content by modifying or changing the keywords.

An old article can be updated only when you have new insights to add to it. Else the exercise can be a futile endeavour. Readers want something new in the updated version of an article. It should be compelling enough to attract them to read it. So how do you decide whether your old article needs to be updated or you need to write a new article altogether? Here is a simple solution to the issue:

  1. If your article needs updating just 10% or less of the whole content, then editing the article can be the proper approach.
  2. If your article demands adding new information that exceeds 10% of the current content or you intend to change more than 10% of the present article, then writing a brand new article can be much more effective.

If you decide to base your new article on an old topic, stay away from replicating what you have already stated in the old article. Widen your topic’s range and come up with fresh insights that your readers would love to read.

Content Writing Tip 3: Give Article Templates a Try

If you feel that you have exhausted your possibilities out of a certain topic and yet want to get a little more out of it, try Article Templates for a change. An impressive article collection can be the key to provide the much-needed extra information for your readers.

Moreover, it can establish your credibility as an informed writer. Article Templates are a great help for several things including selection of engaging topics, adding original insights to your chosen topic, etc. Use them to find your inspiration and write a winning article.


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