Content Writing Ingredient Number One: Style Says It All

content writing tipsWhen you do content writing, you do it for a vast readership. Some readers may like what you write; others may not. Whether they like it or not, the only thing they cannot dismiss in web content writing is- YOUR STYLE!

In today’s post our content writing experts reveal the first secret ingredient for successful content writing: style.

To define it simply, style is the unique manner in which you arrange your words and express your ideas. Your vocabulary might be limited but even with a limited vocabulary you can develop style.

Imagine you are in a kitchen. You have an array of ingredients in front of you. You put them together in a particular manner and cook them. You now have a dish. You put them together differently and you get a different dish. The way you put them together decides the flavour of your dish.

Same goes true with content writing. The words you use have meanings. When you put them together in unique styles, you generate different flavours.

Style is a double edged sword. It, indeed, is your long suit; but if not used wisely, it can become your Achilles heel as well. The strength of a content writer or a copywriter is her/his ability to produce different flavours using different styles. Just as you get fed up with food that repeats its flavour, readers of web content can get bored with monotonous style.

Blog writing calls for a different strategy. The success of blog writing lies in attracting readership using a single signature style. In article writing and marketing collateral writing you need to switch styles quick-wittedly depending on who your target audience is.

To sum it, it is not enough that you have a style; you should know how to play with your style. To become a successful content writer you should be a style-maker and a style-breaker at the same time.

In the coming days of this week, our content writing experts will reveal 4 more secret ingredients that will help you make and break styles. Keep an eye out!

Meera Moorkoth
Meera Moorkoth is one of the co-founders and the Creative Director of Coffeegraphy. Her areas of interest include creative writing, e-Learning and pedagogy, and travel writing.

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