How to Sprinkle the Right Amount of Keywords in your Website Content?

blog writing tipsKeyword is to content what salt is to food. In other words keyword is the salt of any search engine optimized content. Lesser or more is the keyword, the copy becomes unappealing to both readers and search engines. Making sure that your content has the  right amount of keyword is the most difficult part of SEO copywriting.  Here are 3 questions that galore in the minds of any copywriter and the answers to them.

What Percentage 0f Keyword Is The Right Percentage?

Ask this question to more than one SEO expert, you will be amazed by the answers you get. Some of them will say 5%(5 keywords in a 100 word article), while some other say its 2%. There are no hard and fast rules. The best way would be to stop listening to these countless recommendations and  start writing your natural copy.

How to Stop Stuffing Keywords?

As we all know, keyword density is the number of times a keyword or string of keywords appears on a web page. Over-repetition of these words will send an alert to search engines and they will end up classifying your copy as ‘content stuffed with keywords’. Search engines marking your online content as penalized could have an adverse effect on your web site’s ranking. Keeping your copy natural is the only way to write a well optimized online content.

How to Keep The Online Content Natural?

In one of our previous posts, Gospel According To An SEO Content Writer, we have already said that never write for search engines. The key to SEO copywriting and to maintaining the right density of keywords is to write for searching humans. If you write keeping in mind your target audience, you will stop stuffing your web content with keywords. You will use them only where they are necessary.

Consider this copy: At our Koorg holiday site we offer the best deal on Koorg  holiday vacation packages to the most exciting Koorg holiday vacation destinations. Visit our Koorg holiday vacation specials page for better deals and discounts today!

You must be saying “Oh please! My 10 year old niece can write a better copy than this.” This is exactly what we mean when we say write natural copies. Use your keywords only when they are necessary. Let the content flow naturally and your copies will rank and read better.

Ambika Indira
Ambika Indira is one of the co-founders and the Managing Director of Coffeegraphy. She specializes in online content and SEO. She is a rigorous observer of the trends and changes happening in online content industry.

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