Ecommerce Content Writing 101- The Importance of Good Content in the World of Ecommerce

E-commerce is ever growing in India and according to an industry report, the e-commerce market in India will cross Rs.1 Lakh Crore by the end of 2015. Business Standard says India is poised to become the world’s fastest growing e-commerce market. The success, to a large extent, can be attributed to investors one hand and internet users who are relentlessly buying every minute. But, do you think this is all that creates this unprecedented hullabaloo in the web market?

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Well, let me introduce you to someone who is equally important in the success story. The ecommerce Content Strategist. How can we ever forget the beneficence of the content strategist to make an e-commerce portal strive and thrive against all odds in this industry?

Let us try and understand who is this an ecommerce content strategist. Whether an e-commerce firm is selling a smart phone or junk jewellery or baby diapers, the company has to market their business with content. And, this is where the content strategist comes into the picture. Starting from branding, building customer trust, keeping people informed about products, sharing on social media and helping to rank in search engines, the content strategist also helps to attract and convert potential customers into customers, and customers into loyal buyers.

If you are an ecommerce content strategist or you have an e-commerce firm, here are a few basic strategies you can apply and sashay down the content runway in style:

1. Use Photo-Heavy Ecommerce Content

All e-commerce biggies have utilized photography as a kernel part of their content strategies to sell their products. As they say a picture speaks a thousand words, the right image of the product will hook a potential customer to your online store. If you are trying to sell apparels or other lifestyle accessories, using magazine-quality images are a must as this gives detailed look of the product with the much needed pomp and lustre.

Our Picks: Myntra, Zovi, Urbanladder

2. Create Good and Useful Content

Once again, Content is the King. Creating good and useful content will influence prospective as well as existing customers to buy the products. Moreover, it will also reach out your potential buyers there somewhere! Almost all e-commerce websites are taking advantage of product description writing to galvanize their sell. Sprinkle the right amount of keywords on the spec details and make a killer copy. Ka Ching!

Our Picks: Pepperfry, Limeroad, Etsy

3. Add Videos

Videos are rather effortless way to draw customer towards your website. A video on a smartphone review or hair-straightening product will engage a customer and can whirl the customer into a buyer. Even, if you selling a funky T-shirt or a traditional Anarkali suit, create a video with a model with that particular clothing. You can also link it to YouTube video on the same product. A video helps a customer to take a better buying decision; especially when you are selling a niche product.

Our Picks: Fashionara, Urbanladder

4. Answer the FAQs Creatively

Almost all the e-commerce portals have one page dedicated to FAQs that deal with common questions that a customer might have. This page make the process of customer care support easy. As the FAQ page is an integral part of the website, do the FAQs in a creative way, and try to establish your expertise with finesse. This page can boost the rank in the search engines and a great FAQ page will also engage your potential buyers.

Our Picks: Chumbak, Storenvy

5. Maintain a Blog

The customer is always curious. So, it’s a great idea to give out an arsenal of information related to the products you sell in terms of blog writing or an info graphic. This way, you gain trust and authority and drive traffic towards your e-ommerce site. So, it’s like having a cake and eating it too!

Our Picks: Zansaar, BabyOye, Zovi

6. Ask for Product Reviews

Products reviews will give your website an impetus. Feedback and testimonials from people who are using your products will help you to understand your target audience and redo your content strategies, if necessary. Do not shy away from negative reviews. Face them and change for the better. This attitude will earn you unblemished respect in a world where many online companies care only about money, leaving the customer’s emotion and satisfaction completely at bay.

Our Picks: Flipkart, Amazon


“Morgan Stanley expects India’s e-commerce market (revenues) to grow from $2.9 billion in 2013 to over $100 billion by 2020, making it the fastest growing e-commerce market in the world.”


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