Content Writing Tips: Why Grammar Matters

 Girl 1: Do you want to buy a knight stand or a night stand?

Girl 2: Huh! What is a knight stand?

Girl 1: I don’t know! Probably a stand owned by a medieval knight?

Girl 2: Here, let me see.

Girl 2 is looking over the website.

Girl 2: Sheesh! It’s a spelling mistake. Look, the picture for both are the same.

Girl 1: Oh!

artcile writing, article marketingThere are hundreds of business sites and content writers out here on the World Wide Web. So what will make your site stand out from the other hundred? Good writing, good presentation, good product.

What goes into good writing? Clear and precise sentences and … Yes, grammar!

People with flawless grammar and spelling skills are called editors. But, the writer should also have a grasp of basic grammar and spelling rules.

  • Well-to-do businesses, who know their stuff, do not hire average writers. They hire the best and expect the best from those they hire. So, you need to know your stuff to get that lucrative content writing job.
  • Once you have landed that lucrative job, you still need to maintain your writing standards. After all, the business that hired you wouldn’t want to lose a contract or shell out some extra bucks because of a wrong comma you put somewhere. Typos and grammar mistakes on the online site throws doubt on the quality and credibility of the business itself.
  • Bad writing points to the lack of an ability to communicate.
  • Good writing can save a bad idea. Readers like to be entertained. Humorous, artsy or poetic piece of writing may bring them back to read more, buy more and increase your search engine ratings.
  • Bad or average writing will obscure a good idea. In fact, it may not even deliver the idea if the reader is being bogged down by bad grammar or writing. They would just move on to the next site that looks promising.
  • It could also lead to you being perceived as being lazy, unprofessional or sloppy. Since average and bad writing are everywhere on the web, it gives the really good writer that much needed edge on the World Wide Web.
  • There are readers who look for good writing and there are readers who are indifferent. With good quality writing you cater to both kinds of readers, but with an average or poor quality writing you cater to only half the spectrum of readers. So what makes better business sense?

While, brushing up on your “Wren and Martin” might not be such a bad idea, it also does not mean you go overboard with obscure grammar rules.

“Pray, I believe you comprehend my meaning?”

Traditional writers and journalists look down on web content writers. They think of web content writing as easy writing or bad writing requiring little research. While, it may be true that there are indifferent writers out there, a good content writer is equally skilled and knows her trade. And maintaining your writing standards is one sure fire way to keep the demand up for good content writers.


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