8 Steps to Write an Effective Pillar Article

pillar articles, article writing tipsWritten in a structured and detailed manner, pillar articles offers instructions to the readers on certain specific topics. For example, if you own technical writing blog, you could write a tutorial style article on ‘Points To Consider When Writing Technical Document’.   The rationale behind pillar articles is that when the readers come across one, they should immediately feel like linking it or sharing it on other web spaces.

In one of our previous articles, we have dealt with different aspects of pillar articles meticulously. In this post we talk about how to write a pillar article that will be considered as a killer article.

8 Steps Of Writing A Pillar Article

To write a persuasive and authentic pillar article, you need to follow 8 steps. They are

Step 1: Choose A Topic

First things first! Choose a topic for the post you are going to write. Choose it wisely. Make sure that the topic fits into your service/product niche. Choose a topic less written about or considered as being a hard nut to crack.

Step 2: Make A Resource List

Create an exhaustive list of resources. Find out the places where you can dig out articles and book extracts on the topic you have chosen.  If you are reading articles or books, navigate through footnotes which are an excellent way of pooling in more resources. Make sure that the list you put up is comprehensive as well as authentic.

Step 3: Research and Read

Find time to read the articles and books you collected. Do not feel guilty that you are spending more time than an article normally requires. Pillar article should be a killer article and you need to write only one pillar article a week. Therefore the time you spend reading and researching is adequately justified.

Step 4: Make A Layout

You need to do some mental exercise on how to plan your pillar article. Make an outline on what you are going to write and how you are going to write. Zeroing in on a specific aspect can be beneficial to the readers for they get more specific information on the topic. It can help you as well since the more specific you are the focused you will be.

Step 5: Write In Detail

Now you can get into the real job. Start writing a detailed tutorial teaching people how to do something. The research you have conducted should be reflected on the pillar article you write. A tone of authenticity will do you great favour. And, trust us; you need not pretend to be authentic. Authenticity is a natural outcome of careful research.

blog writing tips, content writingStep 6: Give A Solution

Find a solution for a common problem in your niche and write in detail about it. This is the tricky part. To do this effectively, you need to look at various aspect of the problem and weigh different options.

Step 7: A deep Analysis

Writing a pillar article involves a deep analysis of a topic which others have superficially dealt with. If you are writing a pillar article on how to write persuasive web content, a deep analysis of the topic can contain

  • What is web content?
  • What are the factors involved in it?
  • Which are the different styles for writing web content?
  • Are there specific steps that need to be followed?
  • What are the new market trends?
  • How to understand the nature of the industry and the nature of the reader?

A deep analysis of the topic will give you the hat of an expert and that enhances your credibility in incredible degrees.

Step 8: Balance Your Information

One common error that comes as a by-product of excessive research is information-overfeeding.  Do not ever over feed your readers with information. Human brain can be receptive to only a certain amount of information.  Give your readers what they might find useful and edit out all other information that are supplementary.  Pick wisely from your information pool and strike a fine balance between what can be said and what is to be said.

Once you follow these steps systematically, you have in your hand a killer-pillar article which your readers can’t resist sharing and linking.

We have written a post on the process of writing pillar articles titled Pillar Article is The Pillar of Your Blog: Great Blogging Tips. You might find it useful.


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