8 Blog Writing Tips for Daily Bloggers

e-learning tips, article writingThese blog writers, they just have to open a word file and reach a keyboard to churn out stories, so you might have thought. How much more wrong can you be? The writer’s block bites and how it bites! You might have written excellent blog posts earlier, creating a model for yourself and you are just mightily stuck!

Every writer goes through this phase. But no good blog writer has ever given up on his writing, not because this phase gets over, but you make that phase get over.

Think about Dostoyevsky, the great, prolific and probably one of the best novelists modern times witnessed. The man never really stopped writing; his inspiration being his dwindling bank balance and his addiction to gambling. The man even culled out a novel titled ‘The Gambler’ probably because he wanted the money to gamble more. So there, you have masters exploring crazy ways to boost their productivity. If Fyodor can do it to write classic novels, us lesser mortals can do it to create excellent online content and make it look as if it is not re-cycled!

There are a thousand ways in which you can deal with being ‘stuck’, let me tell you some!

Forget begging and borrowing, the first step for a shameless stuck content writer/ blog writer with a fast approaching deadline is to steal. No, I am not pro-plagiarism. You should never, never (even though Microsoft word might want to delete the repeated word) never steal ideas or content or both. You should instead make it appear as if you are doing humanity a great service by stealing content from others, and it is for such moments that oxford dictionary decided to include mwahahaha to its vocabulary recently.

Blog writing tip 1: content library

List your favorite websites with great content, write about their content, sample their posts and in general be very generous in praises, in some minutes you will have an excellent post for yourself. Add hyperlinks to your post, even let them know about your post (something which you do not dare to do if you steal in the old fashioned sense of the word! so score!) , enjoy the nice flow of words.

Blog writing tip 2: outsource content

In the times when everything is being outsourced and further outsourced, why should you hesitate to outsource some of your blog posts? Invite some of your friends/collaborators to write blogs for you. They might happily write, and voila, content!

Blog writing tip 3:interview

Identify a really interesting person, focus on the areas of interest of the said person and draft a few questions. Shoot them questions to the said person, and there you go with excellent blog post.

Blog writing tip 4:case studies

Your blog might be good, it might be bad. It doesn’t resist you from rating fellow content spaces. Identify best cases, identify bad cases, and write about why they are good or why they are bad. In a blink, you have two articles.

Blog writing tip 5:review

If you think you like something-a product, a movie, anything at all, review it. Tell the reader why it is special and why you like it and perhaps why you like it more than something else in the same category. As you go writing, without even you realizing it, you will have a well-structured article at hand.

Blog writing tip 6:life story

Get personal. Write about your successes and your failures. If you are writing a success story, tell the reader how you reached your goal. If you are writing the failure story, write why you think you failed and what you learned from the failure.

Blog writing tip 7:be the movie buff, TV fan or book nerd

It is characteristic of people to relate anything and everything to a movie they liked, a TV program of their choice or a book they keep close to their hearts. This approach might work well when you think loud about a movie you loved or a character you liked and work your article through the narration. Pick a topic; add a movie and shake is the key here. Make sure you shake the contents well so that you have a tasty dish and not some hard boiled conundrum.

Blog writing tip 8:tell your story

Talk about the crisis situations you have faced and how you overcame it, talk about the happy occasions too. Tell the reader how a certain life experience transformed your life. True stories are often the best.

PS: If nothing works, write about how writing about writing about writing content might help in creating a good blog post. True story here, lol!


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