4 Travel Writing Tips- Around the World in 80 Days

A great travel writing will take you around a place in less than 80 seconds. Travel websites such as www.lonelyplanet.com or nationalgeographic.com can make around the world in 80 days in fact possible. Read through their content on various destinations and attractions, you will feel like you have been already there, you have touched, smelt, felt and experienced the city you are reading about. And now you might really want to go to the backwaters of Kerala or to explore the New York city that never sleeps.

travel writing tips

Is it your dream to write travel content that sets millions on motion?

Do you want to generate a travel writing article that makes the reader feel the waves?

If the answer is yes, go ahead exploring the travel writing ingredients our writers use to prepare and serve you with the best travel writing article.

Make the reader take a trip: Make the reader feel the pulse of the place you are writing about. For instance, if Chennai is the destination you are writing about, let the smell of filter coffee linger in your write up. Let the traditions and history of Chennai manifest in the article, leaving the reader wanting to pack his bags to the city the very next moment s/he finishes reading.

Blend facts with poetry: Mastering the art of presenting facts and details in a poetic manner is what travel writing is all about. Compare the following:

‘Chennai enjoys heavy showers and intense summers. The city’s proximity to coastal areas prevents extreme climatic variations in the region.’

‘Of all its geographical factors, Chennai is best known for its generous monsoons and pleasantly intense summers. Raindrops hit the city as hard as the beaming sun rays do. The proximity of coastal areas serves Chennai well by preventing it from falling into extreme seasonal variations.’

Which one do you find appealing? We take your answer for granted and do not venture to explain the obvious.

Choice of words: Choosing the right words that convey the feel of the destination/attraction you are writing about is very important. The words you use to describe  Kerala might not be suitable for Las Vegas. When you write about Kerala you are writing about a placid, serene and slow paced location while Vegas is a bustling and fast paced city. A thorough research will help you understand the spirit of city you are writing about. Once you understand the location, the spirit of travel writing will take control.

Sure-fire headlines and subheadings: Write headlines and sub headings that hit the bull’s eye. Your headlines and subheadings have to be teasing, catchy and revealing. For instance, if you are writing about the local foods in Chennai, only a subheading like ‘Flavours of Tradition’ can work.

Keep these points in mind when you write a travel content and see your readers taking an instant liking towards the article.

Ambika Indira
Ambika Indira is one of the co-founders and the Managing Director of Coffeegraphy. She specializes in online content and SEO. She is a rigorous observer of the trends and changes happening in online content industry.

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