Dubai, A Complementary Destination To Your Budget Holiday

travel writing, dubaiDubai can be a perfect add-on to your itinerary if a holiday in India is on the cards. It works best if you travel to India some time towards the close of the year and wind it up with Dubai at the fag end of the trip.

India can be greatly rewarding if you want to take a break from whatever you have been during the greater part of the year or for that matter the greater chunk of your lifetime. You will be able to rediscover yourself and the spirit of your very being through nature, art, religion and countless encounters with a dark, dingy reality far remote from anything you may have experienced so far. But you don’t want to be stuck in that phase of your existence forever. Whoever suggests you should has the slightest clue of what life elsewhere on earth can mean and how that elsewhere too adds in abundance to love, labour and life.

One of such complementary ‘elsewheres’ can be Dubai. It works both ways for you because Dubai is not worth the trouble and money of an only destination if you are traveling on a budget plus you get to shop for gifts across a spectrum of goods and prices in the city. The Dubai Shopping Festival usually begins in early January and lasts for about a month, so you can shop to your heart’s content and stock up for a whole year if you wish to. For students who might be living off their quarterly allocations of fellowship Dubai is an excellent bargain, for just as they save up to pay their fee, rent etc., in installments they can use up a portion to shop for their yearly requirements of good quality stationery, cosmetics, clothes and leather goods. Remember, malls are not the places to shop, they are only pointers to the range of stuff available in the more frequented parts of Deira and Bur Dubai and available at much lower prices than that you see on the stores’ price tags.


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