Coffeegraphy provides original and proofread academic content produced by its team of well educated and highly experienced team. We believe in safeguarding the interest of our writers as well as our clients. Our terms and conditions are aimed towards achieving this objective.

Client Relationship

The relationship between Coffeegraphy Content Solutions LLP and a client is that of a writer and a customer. This means Coffeegraphy is referred to as the writer and the client is referred to as the customer.

Liability of Client

The client must provide complete details regarding the project while placing order for a fresh assignment. Coffeegraphy must be provided with detailed instructions regarding the requirements of the project/assignment. The client will be liable for proving complete and detailed instructions.

It is to be noted that once a project is approved by Coffeegraphy and the project commences, no further instruction will be entertained free of cost.

Specific Instruction from Client

The client will have to mention any specific instruction before the project commences. Please note that any changes requested after the time period allotted for revision expires will be charged extra. Any delay in providing specific guideline for revision may also cause delay in the revision work to be completed. In such situations, Coffeegraphy cannot be held responsible for the delay in final delivery.


We offer lucrative discounts to our regular clients.


Normally, after a client approaches Coffeegraphy for an academic writing project, the assignment is finalized after thorough discussion with the client. Work on the project starts as soon as we receive payment confirmation for the assignment. All discussion regarding the payment structure and payment mode has to be finalized before the project can be commenced by our team.

Money Back Guarantee

Coffeegraphy offers full refund guarantee to its clients to protect their interests. The full refund guarantee holds good under the following conditions:

  • The client has unintentionally made double payment for the same writing assignment
  • The client cancels the order within 30 minutes of making the payment
  • In case a client can prove beyond doubt that the project done by us has significant portions plagiarised from some other source
  • In case of the rare event when we cannot assign the project to a writer even after accepting the project
  • In case we cannot deliver the project or assignment on time

The money back guarantee will not be applicable under the following conditions:

  • Payment for the project or assignment is done in installments
  • Payment is made after the delivery of the project
  • Claim for money refund is made after the specified time period lapses
  • If a delay in project delivery occurs due to an extreme situation or condition over which Coffeegraphy has no control

Legal Liability

Coffeegraphy cannot be held responsible for any legal action or any undesirable situation and consequences arising as a result of the use or misuse of the company’s products and services. Coffeegraphy cannot be held responsible for any fine or fees implemented upon the client or anyone else in relation to the academic writing services rendered by Coffeegraphy. In case the client breaches any of the terms and conditions of Coffeegraphy, the company has the right to terminate the project with immediate effect.

Coffeegraphy remains dedicated to its commitment of providing the highest quality of academic writing service to its clients. However, the liability of the company is limited to the quality and the value of the services rendered by it. The company cannot be held responsible for any kind of damage or punitive consequences incurred during or after the contract period of academic writing. This condition sustains irrespective of whether the company is notified about any impending damage and consequences or not.