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Whims of a Work-From-Home Mom

Rani Das, one of our writers, shares her experience as a work-from-home writer. For me the world revolved around keeping up with deadlines and mundane chores at home until I started noticing my funny mood swings. Suddenly I found ice creams bitter and chaat nothing less than heavenly mannah. Wait! Am I going to experience teeny weenie bumps soon? Voila! The pee stick said Yes! But my mood swings did…

Exclusive Tips For Freelance Content Writers

Will I or will I not? Yamuna asked herself sitting before her desk. A freelance content writer, she is trying to write an article for a small business firm and wondering whether she will be able to write a fairly decent piece. So will she be able to finish her work on time? Will she succeed? Type in “tips for content writing” in Google or Yahoo and hundreds of sites…

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The Challenges and Advantages of being A Student and A Part-time Content Writer

Anjali Menon, a full time law student and a newbie to our team, shares her experience as a part time content writer. One disadvantage about being a student is that there is no financial independence. You have to think a thousand times before you splurge and have to save every bit of your allowance because if you don’t, then you are most definitely going to be broke for the rest…

Content Writing Tips: Surviving in the Freelance Content Writing World

By Coffeegraphy

The world occupied by freelance content writers is not one that can be imagined or laughed about. The fears, the insecurities and the uncertainties are all real and scary. Here is the key to surviving the ravages of maneuvering through the underground tunnels of freelance copywriting.