Points to Consider When Writing A Technical Document

There are some more technical writing tips for you. These tips will allow you to write a technical document efficiently.


Give each concept in your document a descriptive name. Avoid using terms like “Approach 1”, “Approach 2”, or “Our Approach”. Determine a name (of a techniques or a section etc.) by thinking of the most important features. It is always better to name a technique or section based on what it does rather than how it does it. Minimise the usage of acronyms.

Use terms and phrases consistently and precisely. Do not use any eloquent names, which use different terms for the same concept. In technical writing, you should clearly define terms when they are first introduced, then use them consistently. Do not switch wording, it will confuse the reader as use of a different term reflects a different meaning. Select the best word for the concept and stick with it.

Furthermore, never use a single term to refer to multiple concepts. Suppose you use the term “technique” for every last idea that you introduce in the document, readers will become confused. Use synonyms to distinguish concepts that are unrelated. E.g., you can use “phase” when describing an algorithm but “step” when describing how a user uses a tool.

Last but not the least, select a good name for the document source file. Choose a name that reflects its content.


It is very important to be consistent when you are introducing elements in a list. It is recommended to use special formatting to make them stand out.

Using margins

Always use sufficient margins in a technical document. Never create a document with narrow margins, because when it comes to publishing, there could be issues related to creating PDFs or even web pages (HTML).

 Quote the sources

It is a very good practice to reveal the sources.


Before you submit the document, do not forget to proofread. You may notice you have made typos and grammatical errors. You may also notice structural problems with the document that you have missed while writing. And, remember to proofread after taking a break once you finish.


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