Search Engine Algorithm-The Secret Sauce

SEO copywriting Bangalore Most of us are familiar with basics of search engines. We know what they are, why are they called search engines, how to use them and what they do for us. But, there is more to it!

Those who dig deeper into the functions of search engines must have noticed two peculiar phenomena. Firstly, the pages that rank high undergo massive ranking changes. It is very likely that webpages or websites that rank first get pushed to second or third page over a short period. In other words, the ranking results of a search engine do not remain constant.  Secondly, a query with the same keywords can give different results in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

To explain these phenomena, we need to introduce a new character into the stage- it is called Search Engine Algorithm.

What Is Search Engine Algorithm?

SEO copywriting BangaloreSearch engine algorithm is a set of rules or a unique formula used by search engines to determine the relevance of a web page.  This algorithm is unique in its nature. To put it simply, different search engines have their own unique set of rules which differ from others.  This algorithm is the answer to two daunting questions of everyone who aspires for higher ranking:

  1. Why do some pages rank higher than the rest?
  2. How do some pages rank higher than the rest?

Algorithm And The Fate Of Your Website

It might sound a little cryptic, but the fate of your website or webpage literally lies in the hands of these algorithms:

  1. They determine whether your  web page is real or just spam
  2. They interpret the date in your website and decide whether your website carry information that people search for
  3. They decide how to rank your page and where to rank it

The Secret Sauce

SEO copywriting BangaloreThe algorithms, as we have already seen, are unique to each search engine. They are the reasons why search engines function in a particular manner. That is why they are called the ‘secret sauce’. Does it mean that they are mysterious black holes no one has access to?  No. There are ways to understand these algorithms because no matter how they differ from each other, there are certain principles common to them.

It Is All About Relevancy

The primary function of every algorithm is to check for and to determine the relevancy of a webpage.  They decide whether the page is relevant enough to rank for a particular keyword.  Hence the keywords you use for your webpage are of high importance.

Trust us, you can’t fool them

One of the cardinal mistakes people commit while writing for the web is the excessive use of keywords. Trust us, these algorithms are not fools. They sense a keyword-stuffed webpage within fractions. Always remember: you can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time. But you can never ever fool these things.

Indexing Is Important

Search engine algorithms are the ones who index your webpages. The way your webpage yield to search results depends hugely on the number of indexed pages and the frequency of indexing.

They Judge You Off-Page As Well!

Does it sound scary? But yes, these algorithms take into consideration a wide number of off-page factors.  The two important factors are

  • Click-through rates: The click-through rate is the number of clicks on a webpage divided by the number of times it is appeared.
  • Inbound Links:  Known also as backlinks, they define how many times your webpage is linked by another webpage.

Search engine algorithms analyse all these factors (and a number of other factors as well) to interpret the importance of your page.  The algorithm may appear like heavy-duty mystery in the first glance. But like many other mysteries, they can be revealed if you approach them systematically and patiently. If you have that patience, we can help you with a few hints. Get ready for the grand exploration. Watch out for our posts!



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