Penguin And Panda Define Your SEO Ranking

What is common to Penguin and Panda other than the widely known fact that both of them are endangered species? Don’t crack your head going over all those geographical and animal facts you have studied in your high school.  There is something common to both Penguin and Panda which only an ardent web follower can identify.  The big clue is: It has to do with search engines and search engine algorithms.

Bingo! Penguin and Panda are the most popular algorithm updates from Google. Search engines make many changes to their algorithms annually. In order to survive the wrath of search engines, you are expected to keep yourselves updated about these changes and do SEO for your websites accordingly.

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Hit By Penguin, Bitten By Panda

Google, the legend which turned itself into a synonym for search engine, makes changes to their algorithm periodically. In the last two years, we have seen two phenomenal algorithm updates from Google: Panda and Penguin.  After these two updates were released, burgeoning reports said that many a high ranking website was adversely affected.  Case studies showed the positive and negative impacts of these updates that drastically changed the fate of webpages and businesses.  Precautionary articles were written, predictions were made and alerts were issued out on how not to fall prey to Penguin or Panda.


Know More About Them

google panda, SEO Copywriting Google Panda: This was officially rolled out in February 2011 and is believed to be named after Navneet Panda, an engineer.  After the first release Panda went through a number of data refreshes and now is on Panda 3.8. It targeted sites with low, stolen or duplicated content. Websites with high advertising ratio were also adversely affected by this algorithm update.



Google Penguin: Released April 2012, this is the latest algorithm update from Google.  Penguin hits websites and pages that violate the guidelines of Google Webmaster.

Do They Really Bite?

Why people rave about Panda and Penguin?  The answer is quite simple: these updates contain information that can change the ranking results of your webpage/website overnight. Here are some quick facts:

  1. Both Penguin and Panda aim to lower the rank of sites/pages which they consider as having low quality
  2. According to these changes more authoritative websites will rank higher
  3. Penguin specifically aims to decrease the ranking of websites that stuff their pages with keywords and use duplicated content
  4. Websites that provide low quality user experience are downranked
  5. These algorithms operate in such a way that only higher quality websites will be displayed at the top of Google’s search results
  6. These algorithm changes are designed to target websites that are over-optimized

The measures taken by Penguin and Panda appear to be stringent. These measures, however, will benefit you if you follow certain simple principles of search engine optimization. Our next post is about these principles and about how to save your website/webpage from the negative impacts of Panda and Penguin.


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