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How to Write a Unique Blog: 10 Exceptional Ways

Blog writing is one of the most popular activities on the internet today. Bloggers of every category and with all levels of expertise are trying to carve an identity in the world of blogging writing. In this crowded place what is your strategy to make a mark as a blogger? How do you plan to stand out among the others and attract readers for your blog or increase your readership?…

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5 Foolpoof Ways to Seize Your Reader’s Interest Instantly

Imagine that you have written a compelling piece of content. You have done extensive research and have come up with original ideas to share with your readers. With high hopes you publish your content online. But to your dismay, you find that your content writing is not attracting the readers towards it. You are left wondering what went wrong in the whole process. Web content writing demands that your content…

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5 Secrets to Create Magnetic Blog Headings

The blog heading or the blog title is one of the most significant aspects of a blog. It has the power to magnetize readers and increase your readership. This in turn can lead to the increment in the number of your followers and your blog reaching out to a large number of people. As such, an effective blog title can do wonders for your blog writing. But what is the…

Learning the Art of Blog Writing from India’s Dancing Super Star

You have diligently completed your homework and yet find it hard to succeed. You are already exhausted browsing the Internet for ways to be different from the rest; to be the best. Think again. Will it really help you be different? If it is something that hasn’t been discovered yet, it will not be on the Internet. Yes, it is that simple. New actions come with innovative thinking. Today, we…

To Write in the Time of Writing

By Nisha Mathew
Had I been in the nineteenth century what I am today–a woman, well read and with a passion for writing—I would have written a novel like Jane Austen did, quipped my copywriter friend Jennifer as we walked out of the community store one summer evening. In the twenty-first century there are men and women who can write and write pretty well, thanks to modern day schooling, but who will not, for fear of joining the ranks of thousands like them whose contribution to the world of letters go unnoticed.

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8 Blog Writing Tips for Daily Bloggers

These blog writers, they just have to open a word file and reach a keyboard to churn out stories, so you might have thought. How much more wrong can you be? The writer’s block bites and how it bites! You might have written excellent blog posts earlier, creating a model for yourself and you are just mightily stuck! Every writer goes through this phase. But no good blog writer has ever given up on his writing, not because this phase gets over, but you make that phase get over.

Think about Dostoyevsky, the great, prolific and probably one of the best novelists modern times witnessed. The man never really stopped writing; his inspiration being his dwindling bank balance and his addiction to gambling. The man even culled out a novel titled ‘The Gambler’ probably because he wanted the money to gamble more. So there, you have masters exploring crazy ways to boost their productivity. If Fyodor can do it to write classic novels, us lesser mortals can do it to create excellent online content and make it look as if it is not re-cycled!

What Kinds of Content Can Be Outsourced to India

Those who are planning to outsource content writing and looking for a content partner, can consider India without an iota of doubt. India is the topmost country in the South where graduates are educated in English as their first language. These graduates, when they enter into content writing industry. Write excellent and standardized English and produce creative work. Over the last few decades India has seen an unprecedented boom across…

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8 Steps to Write an Effective Pillar Article

Written in a structured and detailed manner, pillar articles offers instructions to the readers on certain specific topics. For example, if you own technical writing blog, you could write a tutorial style article on ‘Points To Consider When Writing Technical Document’.   The rationale behind pillar articles is that when the readers come across one, they should immediately feel like linking it or sharing it on other web spaces. In one…

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Blog Writing Tips for Daily Bloggers

Blog writing, as we all know, is an art. It is an art of producing interesting posts periodically and catching the attention of readers. In the contemporary scenario, those who blog fall into two broad categories: Those who blog for themselves Those who blog for their readers Two Types of Blog Writing Person Oriented The former category employs blog the way people made use of online diaries some decades back.…