Why Google+ is Important for Your Business?

google+A popular joke was doing its rounds some time back. It went like this.

Q: Which is the best place to hide a dead body?

A: The second page of Google Search.

This becomes a joke precisely because of the efficiency of Google to get the right information to you at every search. Nobody would ever go to the second page of a Google search. You search for something and Google will bring it to you within the first few web links it suggests. Just how does Google make this happen every time?

The most significant information you need will be brought to you every single time, it is almost a miracle box. Google used to assess the links pointed at a particular search and decided on the importance of the web link. But the scene has changed since technology became accessible to everyone. Now it is not difficult to make a website for your local pickle company and promote it using the different kinds of social media out there.

How does Google decide whether your pickle jar is the best among the lot which needs to get all the attention from those looking for a good pickle on Google? You would want to opt for the pickle if someone recommended the pickle to you through social network, didn’t you?

Google+, Wasn’t that dead already?

Apparently not. Google+ is making its come back in a big way. It is not a regular social media anymore. Google has added all its products as features of Google + and is making it the next big thing after Google itself. Now if you are a writer who wants work, audience, profit, traffic in your website, increased number of subscribers and rocketing sales and opportunities, you need to have your Google + account up and active.

Maintaining a credible profile on Google + will make it easier for you to attain almost all of your goals as a content writer. In the light of Google in-depth articles, the search engine uses Google+  to decide  the importance of your articles by assessing the number of followers you have on Google +, the number of times your content gets shared, the number of +1’s you get and the frequency of your activity on Google+ including posting, commenting and sharing.

How do you nurture your Google + audience?

  1. The first step is to create a solid bio of yourself so that anyone who checks out your profile will get a fairly comprehensive idea of who you are and what you do.
  2. Interact liberally with people you know. Consider it as a platform to get to know more people.
  3. Create original content and share it on your Google + account. When you are sharing something from somewhere else, make sure that you add your view points and ask questions that will promote a healthy discussion online.
  4. Communities on Google + is a very potent space where you get to meet likeminded people with similar interests as yours.Leave comments and ask questions on various posts to keep your presence felt.
  5. Target different kinds of audiences for different kinds of posts using the circles. While in other social media, whatever you post will be visible to everyone, in Google + you can customize the circles which might be interested in the post you want to share.
  6. This helps to drastically improve your productivity.
  7. Use Google + hangouts and their video chat to hold brainstorming sessions with people around the world. You can even air online video sessions to help improve your reach.
  8. Since Google + is Google’s own platform, one way of maximizing the life of your article is by writing it in the blog first and then uploading it on Google + as well or vice versa. It will increase your visibility in the Google search and will increase the online life of the content you created.
  9. Even if Google + might turn out to be the best platform to share content, make sure you do not put all your content only on Google +. Diversifying your online spaces is important.

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