15 Web Content Writing Cliché that are Actually Helpful ­­

Writers often try very hard to do away with cliché of all sorts. Cliché are overused. They are boring. Yet there are certain times when you realize that a cliche is the most effective thing that will come in like a lifesaver when you are writing content for the web. This list is going to be very helpful; you might want to trust us blindly when we say so. Take a print out of this list and paste it near your workstation. Use it generously. Whenever you are stuck, take long looks into your wall where this is pasted.

Here goes the list:

  1. Solution (n) – This is the most loaded cliché you can ever imagine in the content writing scene. Now, everybody knows that you write for the money. Even the client knows that. However, the client will be mighty pleased if she feels that you show interest the problems the client faces. When that is achieved, he might as well pay you the money because you have provided a much required ‘solution’. Yeah, you are right. Any client would love a content writer who can offer solutions. Do not hesitate to add that word to your content writing company’s portfolio.

  2. Partnership (n) – Even though the truth is that you actually work ‘for’ the client, if you can convey the idea that you are working ‘with’ them, letting them take baby steps of success and assisting them in doing so and so on, you will earn trust from the client. In content writing business, it is important that the client trust the company. Adding the word partnership will do the trick. You can alternatively think about words like co-operation, relationship, working closely, working hand in hand with etc.

  3. Proactive (adj) – You would want to keep helping the client out to achieve the million strategic objectives they have? Then do not hesitate to call yourself a proactive partner. Using the word proactive will give the client a rightful sense that you would definitely go that extra mile to make their ideas successful.

  4. Synergy (n) – Synergy is an after effect word of proactive. When you and the client, the two proactive team members come together, there has to be Synergy between the two. Such synergetic coordination is going to be rad.

  5. Tailored (adj) – Somebody once said that the most comfortable bed to sleep in is the mud dent you can create by lying on fresh mud and then drying it into your body shaped cavity. Custom making things for personal requirements have an appealing ring to it. Everybody loves a perfect fit, whether in apparel or in content. Feel free to add that word ‘tailored’ to your content writer dictionary.

  6. Flexible (adj) – If you are a content writer who wants to write super fast for a lot of clients, flexible is what you want to be and flexible is the word you want to use. Also, think about adaptable, customizable etc.

  7. Robust (adj) – Whenever you are offering services or solutions, wouldn’t you want it to be robust?

  8. Innovative (adj) – Everybody loves a good innovation. Being new is so passé. What you want to be is innovative where it is new and clever. Offer your clients innovative solutions.

  9. Integration (n) – Integration is a word that offers endless possibilities of integrating anything to anything else. Use it generously. Do not overdo though.

  10. Strategic (adj) – Do you want to say “really big and very clever”, but do not want to sound like an excited six year old, this is the word for you. Strategically place the word strategic in your copy.

  11. One stop shop (n) – Everybody loves a mall because you can find every possible thing in a mall. If you want a pressure cooker or a designer wear dress, the nearest mall has answers. That is exactly what one means by the word one stop shop. It signifies the multiple requirements and single solution. You can alternatively use words like holistic, comprehensive or under one roof.

  12. Expectations (n) – Your client will have expectations from you, your client’s customers will have expectations, you will have expectations from your writing skills and so on. Whatever the situation is, expectation is a word you can definitely bank on.

  13. Key (adj)– This is a personal favorite for us. You will be tempted to write words like ‘critical’, ‘central’ or ‘priority’, but you would also want something crisp and short and snappy. Bam, you insert ‘key’.

  14. Added value (n) – Yeah, go ahead and add value to anything and everything. Value added is in.

  15. Dynamic (adj)– This is one word everybody uses even though sometimes most people do not know what that means. Never mind, use it any way. There is always more space for dynamic solutions.


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